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From the Owner...........

I am very pleased to say that the past 22 years at my Salon have been nothing short of amazing.  I'm not insinuating that they have all been fantastically great or financially satisfying.  These years have been an education, one that I feel blessed to have received.  The job of a Hairdresser is very unique,  people open up to you, they will tell you things that they would tell no one else.  people will sometimes compare a Hairdresser and a Bartender in this way.  But, when people visit a Salon they "normally" are not under the influence.  We get the real person, one on one, and all that comes with it.  I have witnessed the joys of life as well as the tragedies.  I have learned that the least educated person can also be the wisest and that people inherently strive for peace in their lives.  

I have enjoyed discussions with likeminded people and have had the opportunity to learn from those who think differently.  We are truly amazing beings, with so much to learn and share.  My experiences have shaped my business,  the atmosphere of my Shop is down to earth and comfortable and prices are set with the client in mind.  The attitude of my staff is friendly, professional and accountable, and I have always made sure that they balance their work with their family life.  In many ways, it has taught me to be a better husband and father.  It has helped me to open up socially and to become a good listener.  I  

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